International Move

·         Consult immigration office

·         Get birth certificates

·         Get vet certificate(s) for pet(s)

·         Arrange for language courses

·         Check currency requirements

·         Get duplicate keys for luggage

·         Take copy of documents left behind

·         Check import policies on cars, pets and plants

·         Check wardrobe if moving to a new climate

·         Get passports, visas and work permits

·         Get residence permit

·         Get customs exit and entry forms for pets and household goods

·         Get immunization records

·         Get medical certificates

·         Get international driver’s licence

·         Get marriage licence, adoption papers

General TIPS

·         Make flow chart for days/weeks before move

·         Make daily schedules

·         Get estimates from moving companies and arrange method of payment

·         Get boxes of packing containers

·         Notify post office and send out changes of address to companies to inform of move:

– Telephone
– Tnsurance
– Mail order clubs
– Book and record clubs
– Gas or fuel oil
– Electric company
– Property tax dept.
– Laundry
– Newspapers
– Doctor
– Dentist
– Lawyer
– Community center
– Stockbroker
– Accountant
– Cable television
– Utilities
– Motor vehicle branch
– Vets
– Credit card companies
– Motor club

·         Transfer or resign club or association memberships

·         Sell, give away or discard unnecessary belongings

·         Get letter of introduction to church, new clubs, bank

·         Make arrangements to move family, hotel reservations, plane tickets

·         Get all medical, dental, birth, baptism and marriage records

·         Transfer house, car or personal insurance records and check auto licensing requirements

·         Check and clear tax assessments on your current property

·         Ensure that your moving out and in days do not conflict with the two other parties involved

·         Check storage facilities

·         Collect and send out items to be cleaned or repaired

·         Arrange for connection or disconnection of utilities

·         Have your car prepared for the trip or transport

·         Dispose of flammable items

·         Defrost and clean fridge one day before moving; clean stove

·         Arrange to have meter read on moving day

·         Make arrangements with caretakers if renting

·         Use up perishable food

·         Arrange to transport pets, plants and perishables

·         Clean rugs and drapes

·         Arrange for work that has to be done at new home

·         Get warranties and tips from previous occupants

·         Plan for children and pets on moving day

·         Get moving company appraisals of items for future claims

·         Check swimming pool equipment

·         Cancel cleaning staff, pool maintenance, window cleaners, gardener and snow removal

·         Leave house clean for new occupants

·         Transfer prescriptions for drugs and eyeglasses

·         Transfer government or private health and hospital plans

·         Return library books

·         Cancel or pass on subscription tickets

·         Arrange for money during move period

·         Transfer stocks, wills, bank accounts, contents of safety box

·         Ensure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit

·         Check land transfer taxes

·         Check tax increases, deductions and exemptions for the move

·         If the company is moving your family, check what they will pay for:

– Hotels
– Meals
– Movers
– House-hunting trips
– Transportation
– Moving insurance
– Storage
– Lawyers
– Loss on house sale or rent
– Mortgage penalty
– Real estate commissions
– Overlapping expenses
– Travel for spouse prior to move
– Housing policy

·         Net revenue from selling or renting current home

·         Cost of new home

·         Check lawyer fees

·         Check mortgage transfer

·         Will there be an increase in mortgage costs?

·         Will there be a lapse in paychecks during move?

·         Check mover’s fee

·         Check other costs regarding move like transportation, food, kennels or sitter

·         Check living expenses in new community

·         Will you need a second car?

·         Check new land taxes and personal taxes/exemptions

·         Maintenance and renovations to new home

·         Check real estate broker’s fee if selling

·         Check penalty if lease is broken if renting

·         Will there be an overlap of mortgage payments?

·         Get packing paper, pad for inventory, marking pens and boxes

·         Heavy twine or masking tape

·         Get boxes or containers

·         Empty gas from lawnmower, outboard motors, etc.

·         Remove batteries from toys or appliances

·         Mark cartons clearly as to contents and room to be put in

·         Set aside things you will carry in car in carton “Do Not Load”

·         Mark cartons you want loaded last and unloaded first

·         Tie or tape curtain rods, mops and brooms into bundles

·         Point out and mark fragile or delicate items

·         Carry money, jewelry and valuable papers with you

·         Do not overload drawers when packing items in dressers

·         Liquids in bottles should have tops secured

·         Blankets are best moved in large boxes; towels and pillows in dresser drawers

·         Large mirrors, glass table tops and valuable pictures can be crated

·         Cartons weight should not exceed 60 pounds or 27 kilograms

·         Pack lampshades in boxes by themselves

·         Do not use newspaper to pack anything: the ink rubs off

·         Do not leave shelves loose in fridge or stove

·         Small appliances should be wrapped and packed in bottom of boxes

·         Do not pack cleaning products in same box as food

·         Table lamps should be packed

·         Place heavy china items at bottom of box; all flat pieces should be placed on edge

·         Small items should be packed in a small box inside a larger one

·         Move clothes and drapes in a wardrobe supplied by mover

·         Do not roll mattresses or rugs; leave for movers (special cartons)

·         Do not wrap furniture or tie with rope

·         Large power tools should be dismantled for moving

·         Leave furniture in place for movers to move

·         Take down any fixtures fastened to wall

Moving Day

·         Be on hand for movers

·         Keep personal luggage away from movers

·         Arrange for a few favourite toys for the children

·         Put all valuables in a safe place

·         Get floor plan of new home

·         Arrange for supplies for transition periodMake shopping list for first day

·         Get keys to new home

·         Remove trash

·         Disconnect telephone

·         Ensure doors and windows are locked

·         Notify neighbours

·         Heat turned down

·         Have necessary papers money, tickets, traveller’s cheques with you

·         Arrange for sitter on arrival

·         Final check of basement, rooms, cupboards, attic and garage

·         Keep copy of mover’s inventory with you or in a safe place in case of serious loss or damage